Target Shooting Winners

Congratulations to Team “Tos Fada” for having the highest score in the 2022 Target Shooting Competition with a score of 313! Since this team was made up primarily of Cape Gun Works employees, they aren’t eligible to be the official winner.

Congratulations to Team “HIT”men for being the official winners with a score of 303!

2022 Score Sheets

2022 Raffle Winners

Here are the numbers for the winning raffle tickets from the Target Shooting Competition on 9/10/22.

Winners should bring their tickets to Cape Gun Works to claim their prize by 9/24/22.

Sig Sauer M17 9MMJoe Crowley
50/50 Drawing8023925
CGW Date Night9805796
Angels Touch8023960
HIT/NGX Swag Bag9806190
HIT/NGX Swag Bag9806195
HIT/NGX Swag Bag9805847
HIT/NGX Swag Bag9806013
Y-D Red Sox Swag Bag9806222
CGW Ladies Night9805987
CGW Date Night9805796
CGW LTC9805857
Honey Dew9805993
Honey Dew9806187
Honey Dew9806104
Rideaway SUP9806075
Quahog Republic9806125
Quahog Republic9806019
Quahog Republic9806152
Uncle Dave’s8024026
Uncle Dave’s9805976
Diorama/Tap City9806096
Brazilian Grill9806040
Brazilian Grill8024040
Tasty Crab9805967
CGW Gift Card9806169